Working with collaborators in leading academic medical institutions, Crescendo Bioscience is building a comprehensive understanding of the biology underlying rheumatoid arthritis, including the characterization of protein, gene expression and genetic biomarkers. Crescendo Bioscience is developing robust biological models of rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, which will help us to provide molecular analysis of these diseases and guidance for the treatment of individual patients.

Several important components can lead to the development of a robust multivariate assay; these components must be incorporated into a development path:

  1. It is critical to conduct a broad survey of biology in order to capture the heterogeneity seen across patients.
  2. Study populations must be of sufficient size to generate robust results and must match the population in which the molecular test will be used.
  3. Multiple studies must be conducted to replicate results, ensuring that results are consistent among cohorts.

We have developed a framework to research and develop an assay that follows these principles, using a stepwise approach:


Our platform will allow us to offer novel biologic information to physicians in order to complement existing tools, and to capture the cumulative knowledge gained from tracking the longitudinal progression of the disease and responses to therapeutics in the patient population.