The Crescendo Difference

Our Mission

The mission of Crescendo Bioscience is to enable more effective management of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases by providing quantitative, objective molecular tests and disease information services to rheumatologists and patients. We are creating comprehensive models of disease biology through our deep expertise in genetics, gene expression, and quantitative protein analysis. We are also establishing long-term, collaborative relationship with physicians by providing comprehensive diagnostic, prognostic, analysis, therapy selection and monitoring capabilities to improve outcomes over the lifetime of each patient.

Crescendo Bioscience is working with physicians, clinical researchers, healthcare administrators, and others to develop an overall strategy that offers:

  • Valuable information on individual disease biology to enable rheumatologists and their patients to manage disease
  • Comprehensive test reports to facilitate patient management based on a full assessment of both biology and clinical disease manifestations, and allow longitudinal tracking of chronic disease
  • An ability to collect meaningful information on individual treatment decisions and outcomes to inform the next generation of therapeutics