Personalized Medicine

The Human Genome Project and numerous technical advances in the late 20th and early 21st centuries have allowed investigation of the underlying biology of numerous life-altering diseases. Molecular analysis of diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS has become an essential component of treatment strategy, especially in light of the complexity of the diseases as they present in individual patients, the range of treatment options available, and the benefits of choosing the right treatment early on.

This new information allows the medical community to understand disease at an individual patient level, rather than looking only at the average progression and outcomes within a large population. Molecular analysis enables physicians to tailor medical decisions more precisely and helps to improve overall outcomes.

Today, the biological understanding of rheumatoid arthritis is growing. While this has led to an increasing number of effective therapies, no therapy is effective for all patients, and the tools with which to select and monitor therapy are sub-optimal. Crescendo Bioscience is working to bring the power of molecular analysis to the treatment of autoimmune diseases in rheumatology. A deeper exploration of fundamental aspects of biology will allow development of quantitative tools to assess disease objectively. With an enhanced understanding of disease and quantitative tools to assess biology in individual patients, healthcare providers will be able to make more individualized treatment decisions for their patients.

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